Monday, January 04, 2010

Monopoly Game to Beat all Games

Bre, Josiah, Jamin, Jared, Nolan, Arielle all love to play monopoly. I'm not sure if Krista likes it. I don't see her playing it at home as much as the others. When Bre is gone, Arielle tends to read instead of play the game with her brothers...... but THIS was the game to beat all games.

From 2010-01-04
I love that Nolan joined the big boys in their rather cut-throat game. These games contain trading, high interest loans, no interes loans, sales with right of passage maintained, collateral loans.....and the deals go on.

This particular game went on and on with many fun twists. In the end, Jared won. These are his final holdings.
From 2010-01-04
I found these notes to be hilarious.
From 2010-01-04
Yep, even the bank owed Jared money.

I really don't like to play board games...but I buy a lot of them, I watch a lot of them, I play a lot of them with the younger ones (because those are games I can figure out) and I play a lot of other games with the kids. LOL

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Cynthia said...

We bought a fun new board game this year. I should post about it.

Anonymous said...


Think we need JARED here to help us get ahead with the bank etc. :):):):) I'd love to have them owe us a bunch. :):):)

I'm with you when it comes to this game.... play it with little ones then I can keep up. I remember Christmas in San Antonio...... it was already more than I could keep up with :):):)

Going to Salem today to see Laura and my purse. :):):):)

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Michelle said...

I'm not much for playing board games either. However, I do enjoy playing many of the Cranium games. They are fun and aren't as time consuming as many other board games.

Anonymous said...

Hey I really dislike monopoly because I don't like being competitive and it really brings out my competitive side (lol) I don't think Arielle likes it either that is why we played clue next to the monopoly players...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...
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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Krista, I suspsected that was the case for you. Me too. LOL

Arielle does play it when the older ones aren't home.....but I know she'd prefer most other games. LOL

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I meant San Angelo instead of San Antonio... l/p -- Mom T.