Friday, January 22, 2010

Need a Laugh?

I've never heard her before but this is just what I needed to start a long day off right. If you read this in the next 10 hours....pray for the kids home alone and Mike and I leading a workshop. I should be back to normal posting by tomorrow.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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berrypatch said...

Oh my goodness. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. I'm still giggling while I type this. Thanks for sharing that! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sis: YES, I needed and need a good laugh. :):):) Have been praying all along that your Sunday ministry will go good. Will keep praying.

I may only have 2 more therapy sessions. PTL I am so much better. School however has been a bit hard cuz I just can't do certain movements yet. PTL though cuz it is almost OK.

Dad's Knee went out the other night. Mikhail nor I could get it to go back on track.... Dad couldn't either. Called 911 with proper information and asked them so send someone who could pop it back into place. They all saw the knee (after they cut his pants) and would not touch it. BUT as they helped Dad to get onto the gurney.....POP! and no more pain.
It sure looked crazy before it went back into place.

bye love/prayers - Mom "T

Windy said...

That's just the laugh we needed! After watching and giggling, I insisted Rodney sit down and watch it too. He was stamping his feet on the floor laughing hard.
We also really enjoyed her "Don't send your husband to the grocery store" story. That one REALLY applied to some situations in our family. :) Thanks for sharing.