Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This eager student was VERY interested in how the tape runner works, and how to re-thread it. Sherri, maybe I won't have to learn how to thread my own tape runners....even over here. ::snort::

We are back in the saddle again....so completely in the saddle that we worked on our science notebooks. These are their Apologia Learn N Folders. The technique combines lapbooking with notebooking. As I watched the kids work, talk, enjoy.....I contemplated. They are getting older. I can't find file folders. We are playing catch up after our CRAZY move this fall. I thought I'd skip lapbooks this year.

They enjoyed science today. They love science. I don't. I need to enjoy it. All that aside....they love working on the mini-books. This technique will work while we're in Japan. We can make the mini-books, mount them on card stock and slip them into a notebook. It will certainly be easier to store too.

There are several freebies at Live N Learn Press. Maybe we'll find some lit books or such to do too..... Hmmmm....

Yes, I've tamed the Regional and Local PWOC lists enough that I have time to blog and enjoy school again today. I'm learning how to juggle and it's exhilerating. ::snort::

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Darhsia said...

Rejoicing that you're juggling well!

Darshia said...

Oops! I'm so sleepy I'm misspelling my own name. Like the word verification feature. Hope it solves the problem with the unwanted blog comments.

Anonymous said...

love/prayers --- Mom T.