Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unexpected Day

We didn't go to church today. It wasn't the weather as much as it was "our Sunday" to be "off". The chaplains here have it worked out so that each 3 day weekend one chaplain takes all 3 services. This means that every 3rd holiday you work all Sunday, but the other two you have a 3 day weekend. It works well. This was our holiday off. I'd forgotten it WAS a holiday - tomorrow.

We relaxed. We slept in. We found our Jesus Stocking!

From 2010-01-17
It's packed away with the CHRISTMAS stuff now for next year. We still haven't found all of Nolan's photo ornaments or my early years Photo Album...but the list of things we're missing is dwindling. ::snort::
From 2010-01-17
We took down Christmas decorations. It was time, I guess. Having a tree covered with photo charms of the children is a GREAT thing, however, it was emotional to pack the older kids away. ::sniff::

Mike and I went for a wintry walk. We dodged Pirates....
From 2010-01-17
...and Robin Hood.
From 2010-01-17

We had dinner. We read another chapter in Nate Saint. It was a good day.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Love the pirates. love your lazy day. looking forward to the girls being here today. Krista got back real late last night. I want to pick her brain


Woke up this AM with a computer full of a bunch of virus problems. My security thing won't work and it won't let me buy it again. WHAT IS A GOOD ANTI-V THING FOR ME TO BUY. HELP!!!