Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Busy "Weekend"

I've not blogged for several days, but scheduled posts go on. LOL I was surprised to see what the blog has been posting. ::snort:: The past few days have been full.

Relaxation: Sensing that time to relax was evaporating a friend and I headed to the onsen, spur of the moment, on Friday. What a nice break.

Travel Plans: Sure enough approval for various expenditures from PWOC came down Friday night/Saturday morning. I've spent most the time since then trying to find cheap tickets for a variety of trips. I'll fly to BWI for what we term Vision Week in PWOC. This is where the International board and regional Presidents and Vice Presidents get together annually to pray, worship and cast vision for the upcoming year. In addition the International Joint Council will meet, and I'm now in that group. Getting to BWI will take buses, domestic flights, international flight and a train. ::snort:: I'll come home and spend 2 days at home before I fly to Okinawa for a PWOC retreat at Kadena AB. (I'm still working on the travel for this trip). I booked flights for Nate to arrive to watch our children. I booked flights to Seoul - this for Faithlift - another PWOC conference. I'll be hosting a workshop on parenting at this one. It has taken a phenomenal amount of time to coordinate the details for these trips and I'm not done.

Meanwhile, Mike is arranging travel of his own. It looks like he will leave here on the 16th - meaning we will have our 26th anniversary together - the 14th.

Sunday - was Mike's final Sunday as "pastor" in our 1100 service for a bit of time. While I love ALL our local chaplains, it hits anew that when our Dad goes on extended travel we lose our dad and our Pastor....so many changes at once. I got teary when I realized that I'd be gone on Palm Sunday and that is when the kids will put on their play and Jared is heading up a Youth Human Video that I'll miss. HOWEVER - Mike will be home for a bit of time between his Feb trip and his April trip. He'll be here.

Birthdays! Monday was Nolan's birthday but we celebrated on Sunday. He had a Monopoly type of birthday.

From 2010-02-08
He wanted it on computer so he could play alone when needed. At this point, all are playing together.
From 2010-02-08
He needed WORLD Monopoly so that he could buy and sell places like "Athens, New York City, and Jerusalem". ::snort:: This is played with no money - central bank with plastic. Hmmmm....not so far fetched any longer, is it? ::snort::
From 2010-02-08
We ordered the Red Rock Mystery Series by Jerry Jenkins for him. He's read the first and wanted more.

Nolan asked for Death by Chocolate for his birthday. We sort of "tweaked" and came up with something he liked. Lots of chocolate ice cream, Newman O's, and 3 bottles of hard shell. I don't even want to think about it.
From 2010-02-08

Monday was a down day on base. It WAS coming off an exercise...and was earned...it "happened" to fall on Super Bowl Monday. ::snort:: We went to the chapel and watched as we don't have a TV here. Nolan chose our meal and we continued to celebrate his birthday.

Tuesday: More travel plans. It was JOSIAH'S birthday over here....so we spent quite a bit of time remembering God's blessing us with a healthy baby boy after it was predicted he'd be born without a brain stem and with a variety of issues. God is good....all the time...when we lost babies and when He divinely healed babies.

I made Gyudon for dinner. It was fantastic. Thanks so much for "learning me," Kim. I accidentally used to much sake and mirin but it was yummy. I do thicken it.

Wednesday: Today is Mom's Birthday - Happy Birthday....though honestly it will be tomorrow for you all as I don't think you are at Wed yet. I'll be making a cake for Zander's birthday (tomorrow), booking flights and hotels, birthday shopping, piano lessons and school.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

Oh, the blessings of life.
The kinder here on this earth and the ones in Heaven waiting for us. Good food, family, friends and an amazing faith in an even more amazing God. And if too much sake in a Japanese dish is all we worry over, then we are blessed indeed.

Happy birthday to all your loved ones, and an extra hug to you. Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...


Try this on for size. Even though my B-Day is the 10th.... and as I have said for years.....I really do share the day with Josiah cus it was the 10th in the PI's when he was born................ NOW I also share the day with Alexander cuz he is celebrating the same day I am over here.

SEE, I have the best of both worlds and share birthdays with 2 of my grandsons. HEE, HEE, HEE!!

We too remember the miracle of God's healing to Josiah. WOW!

love/prayers -- Mom T.

Anonymous said...

Dear Josiah:

What to say?? Not much else other than we are so proud of you.

Like your Mom we do remember the days before you were born when we were all praying for a healing before you were born. Goodness wouldn't those same doctors have to admit to God's power if they knew how accomplished, smart and wise you are?

We keep praying for you as you strive for your goals in business. Amazing to see how God has opened the doors of ownership for you already. Wonderful goals and we know your life will be one of testimony to him.

Was nice talking to you tonight. Just remember that you were actually born on the 10th. Guess what..... so was Alexander now that he is in Japan and I am here. :):):):):):)

love/prayers -- 2G's T

Darshia said...

Working your way through the web for travel arrangments is time consuming, but once the flights are done and the fellowship, et al begins at the places you're going to, it'll be better.

Will the hardest part be the separation from dh and children? You do an excellent job of laying your life down for others De'Etta, now it seems the Lord is moving you deeper/closer to Him by having you lay down your family life you love for Him on a greater scale. Well done in faithfulness, Sis. Praying for all of you. So pleased your bro Nate will be there.

Happy Birthday Nolan, Josiah and your Mom!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

MOM - We realized the same thing yesterday and I was finally able to leave that note on your facebook - not sure if you'll see it. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Darahia - YES leaving family is not something I look forward to. LOL

But you are right - after the tickets and rooms are booked...the FUN begins.

Cynthia said...

Travel plans take an INCREDIBLE amount of time. I spend MONTHS working out plans for our vacations - researching where we want to go, then the excursions, best prices, most time efficient itineraries to get the most out of our travel $$, etc.....

We've gone from taking one trip a year to taking two trips a year the last two years.. no wonder I never have time to scrapbook.. I'm always busy living in the moment of a new trip (LOL)... hmmm.. maybe I should blog about living in the moment being an ok excuse for not scrapbooking (LOL).

Glad Mike gets to go back home inbetween his two trips.