Monday, February 22, 2010

Glorious Tease?

Could this be true? Look at those temps 39*, 47*, 49*!!!!! Could it be that SPRING is really here???? Already? No more ice???? No need to attend "Slippery Weasel" to learn how to drive in the winter in Northern Japan? Really? What do you think?
Choosing Joy!
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MrsAlbrecht said...

I'm feeling the same way!

It rained yesterday!

Sunshine today! My clothes even dried on the line outside (flapping in the wind about 6 inches above the wait-high snow on the ground, but still!) without having to hang them in front of the kerosene heater!

Feeling cautiously happy. Last snow was April 24th last year, though.

BTW, was up to Misawa last week. I was shocked to see DIRT on the ground. Still crazy snow just on the other side of the mountains ;)

Looking forward to spring :)


Renee said...

I think you enjoy the weather but don't expect it to last. Many times there are temps like this in CT and then they get a big snow in April

vcitywife said...
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Jen said...

I'm thinking if Japan is anything like Missouri, don't hold your breath. It was 54 here Sat, and 22 right now. Spring likes to tease us like that. :-)