Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun, fun, fun

Looks fine in Picasa and flips when loaded....
Jared and Arielle went skiing with some friends. Thanks again, Joel and Mary. It was their first time and they had varying success.

Nate, the youngers ones and I headed to Statue of liberty park.

Throwing rocks into an iced over pond...while Nate takes photos....they made holes and water spurted out of the ice all over the pond. Very fun.

I got a call from the chapel saying that Mike had been trying to Skype me and would call back in 20 minutes. We raced home.  I began to consider the itouch so that I could have Skype.

We went to base and got Nate a pass. We checked out the BX - the Apple Rep is SURE that I need not only wi-fi but a WIDE BAND connection to skype on the itouch. This means it would work at home....but not on base...and um...if I'm home I don't NEED Skype on a tiny screen. I have computers. ::snort:: I'm still researching.

We went to the nursing home to sing Happy Birthday to six women. This is always fun.

Youngers and Twyla's boys (she says they can be on the blog)

Stacia passes out a birthday gift. The doll display has to do with a doll festival - which I'll miss but I'll try to blog about later.  The four ladies to the right are all over 90 years old. Emily had her 5 month old baby along, and she was a HIT!

We came home. The older kids got home. Joel went home to work on a paper. Mary and the kids stayed to eat pizza and watch Saun the Sheep with us. LOL  Nate and I Skyped with Mom and Dad after I took Mary and the kids home.

A full day - and I have much to do to get ready to travel tomorrow and Sunday.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Linda said...

Saun the Sheep is a new one to me! Is Nate your brother?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Nate's my brother.

Saun the Sheep is a spin off character from Wallace and Grommit.

Renee said...

How wonderful that your brother could come to visit and stay with the kids....

Anonymous said...

Sis, Nathaniel and kids:

Statue of Liberty park looks like a blast.

How neat that you all get to go visit the elderly....... bet the doll festival thing would be something to behold...........

Will Nathaniel be able to get into Chapel with the kids or ?????? Very glad there are some neat things to see within walking distance for all of them. Bet they will all perfect the games. :):):)

Uncle Nathaniel is still a kid at heart..... love the slide picture.

love/prayers me!!

Cynthia said...

I hope you find something workable for the skype away from home!