Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Sledding

I have a FANTASTIC husband!

Mike took the kids out sledding and told me to go to bed. I was on Day 3 of a migraine, which started with Jared's science experiment. I hadn't had time to sleep it off and the meds were having limited success. I agreed, with the understanding that they'd take lots of photos.

From 2010-02-13
They headed to this great hill on the base. We were a bit sad when we couldn't find "sleds" earlier in the season, but this snow mover has proven to be wonderful fun.
From 2010-02-13
Mike finds the size to be a bit limiting. Jared commented that watching Mike slide down the hill was "like watching a giraffe do the things giraffes do."
From 2010-02-13
This is the photo that made all wish they'd had video running.
From 2010-02-13
As the story goes, Stacia, Zander and Arielle were sliding down the hill. They hit a bump and Stacia flew out. She continued holding on to the sled and the sled went over the top of her.....with Arielle commenting, "One minute Stacia was there and the next all I saw were her arms under the sled." Since no one got hurt, and it really was funny to see, we enjoyed a good laugh.
From 2010-02-13
Stacia got back on the sled and the day ended well. She told me ALL about the day several times when they arrived home.

Mike came home with lasagna and garlic bread to throw into the oven. Shew. What a blessing.

Choosing Joy!
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Darshia said...

Is it the 14th in Japan? Does this mean you had a migraine on your wedding anniversary? Ouch. Belated anniversary wishes for a happy one when you're feeling better. So glad Mike blessed you with a day of rest while he had fun as a Dad and provided dinner too!

Stacia is made in the image of God and He's no weakling. Glad she survived the sled turnover and was able to laugh about it with her siblings.

Linda said...

Oh, DeEtta! I hope you are feeling better. I get migraines as well, but I don't think I've ever had one for 3 days!

Anonymous said...

there is no snow here - only 60 degree temps and blue skies. I apparently hit it just right.