Friday, April 02, 2010

A Day

With a sense of Deja vu, I recall that I began to regularly blog during Mike's deployment 3 years ago.  Here we go - our daily life so loved ones can track us. ::snort::  Back to a nightly routine.

Jared, Arielle and I sat down today and planned out the rest of our school year. A general plan. We did not start in our school books were not here. We moved into our home in October. We took time off when our adult children were home. They got "some" done in March, but not full-tilt. Therefore, we have a plan. We see how we could be done by 21 July...and with a bit more effort by 17 July....and if we killed ourselves by 19 June. I think we've opted to shoot for 17 July. I was relieved that we're up to par on all but the TOG....and we can cut back on that and still be fine.
I spent time working  on various PWOC  items.

This photo is really quite amazing. I've tried to utilize wind power since moving here. My dryer keeps blowing over. Those rocking chair usually sit in the middle of the patio - one on each side....and the dryer isn't usually blowing off the patio...but the comforter is dry. Jared's a bit weary of his laundry blowing into the neighbor's yard. ::snort::
I did get a NEW to us washer and it's working GREAT....super loads...but I realized I should have talked to them about the dryer issues while they were here. I suspect I need to use it until it dies too, and then they'll bring me a new one.

Fridays are family days. These usually include pizza and either a movie or game. I decided we all needed to get out of the house. We headed to base.  I had one errand first.

No, it ISN'T warm enough for this dress....but the BX had all the "Easter" dresses clearanced and in a few months it will be sweltering hot... I really should quit trying to cut Stacia's hair - it's to fine and blond. I'm glad we stopped and asked for help. Keiko really seemed to enjoy playing with Stacia's hair.

Someone had to do it! Arielle volunteered to count m/m's. We tried those bags of "Valentine's" candy for our Daddy Jar/ Daddy Chocolate countdown while Mike was gone. We were all SICK of that much chocolate by the 2nd week. It also did NOT fit in the jar.

The BX had coupons for M/M's today. They even had a few bags of peanut butter m/m's - which we'd not had before. We guessed at how many bags we would need. We had some jelly beans we threw in....
1194 m/m's...I can easily add as needed.

We ended the day watching, "End of the Spear." This was meaningful after having just finished reading about Nate Saint. The younger two didn't really watch it - very intense movie.  The movie proved to be a great starting spot for another discussion with Zander about "turning the other cheek" issue with which we're working.  We've begun reading a biography on Gladys Aylward.

We were excited to receive another Vitacost box. We had thought from the weight that it may be our case of Almond butter....We were disappointed.

Mike is with our adult sons tonight. We are so blessed to have Mike's flight routed through TX. He'll be flying on to the East coast tomorrow.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Renee said...

Gotta love those long convoluted flights...but at least this one had wonderful family to visit at a stopover.....
The Army tried sending our family from Germany to DC to the West Coast to Korea.... dh found a reg that said they couldn't mandate that (of course PCS is different than deployment) so we flew direct from Heidelberg to Seoul

Kristine said...

Just enjoying keeping up with your family . . . and praying for you as Mike is gone.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

"of course PCS is different than deployment"

Truer words were never spoken. ::snort::

Thanks, Kristine. Prayers we need.

Michael said...

I am Norfolk NAS. Doing great - just tired.

Love you and miss you.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ah - a new commenter on the blog. LOL Love ya! Praying for safe travels.

Kim said...

Hi De'Etta! Can't tell you how happy I am to hear of your new washer. I'll be praying for the demise of your dryer! Sounds like the wind and sand bags should be a good help, though! I brought some laundry hanger stuff back to the US with us. Looks like there will be a nice sunny place to hang things out if I want/need to!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I really LOVE the laundry things here...and I don't mind hanging laundry - but it is self-defeating when it blows to the neighbors. LOL

Yes, pray the dryer gets sick enough that housing is motivated to fix it. LOL

Remember - if you forgot something in Japan that Ryu or Jun or YOU really need to help adjust to America.....ask....I'll mail it to you.

Anonymous said...


Thank you again. Wonderful post. Loved everything. M&M's, jelly beans etc......... wonderful treat nightly. :):):) Nice hair cut for Stacia........ cute. love you all and praying a lot. HI MIKE!!! mOM t.