Thursday, November 28, 2013

She Said Yes

We've known since this summer that an engagement was imminent.  By August, we expected a proposal would come the beginning of November.

Izaak called in October and told us he would like to propose to Bre while they were here for Thanksgiving. He asked if that would be ok. OK? We are honored to be a part of this big day! What a blessing.  During this conversation, we learned the ring was ordered, and Izaak asked us to brainstorm ideas and locations for a proposal.

I (De'Etta) suggested the ring could be found on a wish bone in the turkey. Michael nixed this idea. I suggested in a marshmallow in s'mores. Michael again nixed this idea. We began scouting out lakes and parks. Michael had really good ideas and kept an eye for lighting and photos. ::grin::  We discussed the stairs and a princess scenario.  As time progressed, we began to think of ways which would keep the element of surprise for Bre...she KNEW a proposal was coming; she expected a proposal weeks ago; she confided in me she thought he'd ask her over Thanksgiving.

Izaak decided he'd like to ask her during a game.....we discussed Scrabble, Monopoly, Life, and then... Arielle suggested MAFIA, and it all fell into place. Mafia is a game with a mafia, doctor, sheriff and townspeople. The family would all be in one place....naturally. The game begins with everyone going to sleep - closing their eyes. This would give Izaak time to get into place...naturally.  A crime is committed. Everyone "wakes up" and fun accusations flow.

Michael and Izaak worked out the details. Michael would narrate the first round. He'd then tell me to narrate the second round. Michael stacked the deck so no one would get the three "power" cards.  I would take my time while Michael got the camera ready and Izaak retrieved a glass slipper and got in place.

As November approached I knew I needed to convince Bre I had no clue we knew a proposal was coming over Thanksgiving. So I was cruel. The last week of Oct. I encouraged her to keep her nails done so she'd be ready when he proposed on the 1st or 2nd of November.  When he didn't propose, I suggested she write a note that says, "I said yes," and carry it with her as he was sure to ask soon. When she mentioned going shopping for a dress, I told her I refused to go shopping until he actually proposed. Weeks went by and I said, "WHEN is he going to ask you to marry him?" Poor Bre...but we threw her off. She did share she thought it would be this which we did not give her hints.

The big day arrived. Our only concern was to get everyone to want to play mafia at the right time.

One tradition is to have questions on slips of paper at our seats during dinner as discussion starters. I suspected Bre thought her question would be a special one from Izaak. We made sure he was the last to read his question. ::snort::  I'm so glad Izaak chose a game and not dinner, as she WAS expecting it.

After dinner BRE began loudly campaigning for mafia. Wow.  It all worked so, well, naturally.  We had a bit of a challenge retrieving the glass slipper from our room and transporting it to Izaak's hiding place. We had to transport said glass slipper through the living room where all sat waiting for the game to begin. Bre STILL loudly encouraging mafia. The game began.

Stacia accuses Bre of being an assassin

 Taking the accusations very seriously

 Round Two...this was I waited for all to get in place...a split second before I was going to say, "Awake,"  Bre opened her eyes. She KICKED Izaak - what are you doing? - and closed her eyes again.

"Townspeople, awake!" This is what we saw....took a bit for all to grasp what was going on. The whooping of those in the know may have sped the realization along.

Izaak said some incredibly nice and sweet things to Bre. Private things which I won't blog.  Don't you love Stacia's expression?

  The ring is in the glass slipper

Hugs and cheers well as stories from Grandparents about their proposals



We visited with the boys and Shelby via Skype and shared the fun. We are rejoicing we were able to share this moment with BreAnne, Izaak and Dakota. Dakota? Did I mention we are going to gain a son AND a grandson?  

One more note, Izaak and Bre have chosen February 14, 2014 for their wedding date - our 30th wedding anniversary!

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


berrypatch said...

Congratulations!!!! :-)

berrypatch said...

Congratulations!!!! :-)

Lois said...

Well. That is awesome. Congratulations to all. I don't know how you all kept it a secret!

Laura J. said...

How wonderful!!! Congratulations!

Deja said...

Congratulations Bre and Izaak and Dakota! And to the rest of the Gherkins for pulling off a wonderful surprise proposal!

Lisa in Jax said...

How awesome! What a wonderful way to gain a son and grandson! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

HI: It was so much fun to be here for this event. We actually thought this Thanksgiving was going to be the time. We are finally going to be able to tell folks when asked that... "YES!Bre & Izaak are engaged to be married. Even now we can mention the month. :):) We are really enjoying ourselves. love/prayers - dad/mom t

Anonymous said...

Yay,! Beautiful story!? Love the mafia game proposal! And now, let the wedding preparations begin again ;-) you are so blessed!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Great story! Congratulations to you all :D That's going to be a short engagement, with lots of planning to do!


Laura said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! :)

Unknown said...

This post definitely had the tears flowing. Congratulations to all.