Monday, April 26, 2010

The Neighborhood is getting Crowded - Michael

When I first arrived, there was quite a bit of room next to and behind my billeting building. This is soon to take a turn for the more crowded look. In the top pic, you can see the Coffee House portion of the Chapel. The building to the right is my billeting building. In the foreground you can see the new foundation they are putting in for more housing. They will be Conex-style billeting - containerized, modular kind of things that just fit together. Kind of handy. Presto, instant neighborhood.

In the second pic, the camera is panning to the right. The bottom room on the corner is mine. For the third pic you can see the gap between my building and other conex-style buildings out my window. This whole area is soon to be filled with Conex-style billeting. It is all for a good cause. Folks just need to move to a safer locale. Out my bedroom window is that safer place, actually. :)

Soon to be filled with Conexes - 2 high.

Choosing Joy!

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