Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The rest of the story

Other than chasing laundry, ponies and school, what did we do today?

Nolan and Zander were bothered by a news clip they saw while we are on base. I balk at not having TV from time to time, but I think this may be a good season not to have easy access to news. ::snort:: They had seen a clip where some yokels (and I've calmed down since this a.m. when I had to explain this) were protesting a funeral and in particular had a sign that said, "Thank God for Dead Soldiers." Imagine the talk I had to have with 8 and 10 yo sons.  It was hard to explain and remain gracious. We managed. It was rough.

I tend to bake when "dealing" and today was the first hard "dealing" day of this deployment. It really did upset me to think of the way these poor families are being treated by so-called representatives of God.  We made 2 loaves of bread, 20 Cinnamon rolls, 6 buns and 2 bread sticks from the Seven Grain dough.
Josiah - I hope you read this - Stacia is following in your footsteps. She was kneading dough, while I shaped Cinnamon rolls. I told her she could start to work on the buns.  She was happy as a clam...and then I heard, "Mom, look! I made a bohonkus!" - Yep, she'd made realistic "buns"....nice replica of a rear. I'd said buns. I didn't get a good photo. Maybe she'll do it was HILARIOUS...and realistic.

We moved the basketball hoop down to the common area. Great suggestion, Mike. This gives the kids much more room to play, removes the chance of it falling on neighbor's cars (they parked under it), and makes the common area more communal.

This is Nolan, mom.

This was so cute! Zander was willing to be the basket so Stacia could get one in. Believe me - we don't always have this sort of team work.

I headed in to make dinner. Stacia asked to make brownies. Why not? We bake when we're dealing. ::snort:: I've learned that if I measure everything she is more than happy to assemble.  She's very intent.

Stirring is hard work.

While I made popcorn chicken and garlic bread, she dumped and stirred and CHATTERED.  I took a couple of the chicken breasts and adapted the Nikujaga recipe (chicken broth, breasts, broccoli instead of beef and taters). Jared added slivered almonds at the table and it tasted suspiciously like Almond Chicken. Yum.   But WAIT...what is THIS????? When did the chocolate get on her mouth?

She's gotten the batter into the pan, grabbed spoons and invited all to come lick the bowl. ::snort::  All I had to do was measure oil, water, crack an egg and put it in the oven.

Stacia cracked us up at dinner. She was very proud to have made brownies. She could barely contain herself and kept wanting to bring out the brownies. It was finally time.

I cut the brownies, and asked her which piece she would like.

This was our first real 'at home' day since Mike left. I suppose that's why the fact that he's gone for a good long time hit today. We're settling into a very nice routine. We're accomplishing a lot in our school realm. Arielle sprained her ankle and I made her stay down most the day. Jared is making a conscious effort to spend time playing with us. I had a few ministry calls and emails. I found my Bible study workbook so I won't have to do it over before Friday. I told the older kids that I'm at a deficit for adult conversation and they have to begun TALKING TO deficit with the younger set. ::snort::

All in all a full and fulfilling day.

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Kim said...

Hi De'Etta, it was so good to hear about your day. My heart hurts for all the kids who saw that news broadcast. And...I cook TOO when I need to relax! Oatmeal raisin cookies yesterday!

The chicken broccoli nikujaga sounds really yummy. We often make it with chicken. I'll have to add broccoli next time!

I sure love Stacia's hair cut! So cute! And the brownies!!!! I've been craving those!

I'm praying that you and those wonderful kids have a blessed day! Don't blow away!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha way to go stacia!!!!!

hang in there guys.


Lois said...

If you were gracious when explaining about certain news clips, then you are truly a godly woman. I tend to have a higher standard of behavior for "fellow Christians". A picture of it in World magazine showed the leader's 11 year old granddaughter holding one of the signs. Rather than being gracious, I would use the words of Jesus: brood of vipers and whitewashed tombs come to mind. The gall of teaching their offspring to be worse off than they themselves are!!! I'm sure you handled it much better than I did explaining to my kids about the shooter at Ft. Hood. Now, on to the kitchen to bake some Amish Friendship Bread. I suppose I should find an enemy somewhere to give it to!

Michael said...

Hi Y'all
I am in and OK. It sounds like things are going well there. More via email and skype.

love you

Jamin said...

What a good older bro, Zander. Keep it up! I know you're like that ALL the time, right? ;)

Wow it kinda looks like Stacia dyed her hair in a few of those pictures.

Linda said...

I'd love to know how you handled the news clip situation. It personally makes my blood boil that these people purport to be Christians and use the name of God for something so ungodly. My heart hurts for these families who have to deal with the protests of this "vocal minority" (a term I use often; the vocal minority tends to get its way more often than the silent majority).

With God's blessing though, we are able to overcome the ignorance of these people.

all in the family said...

Wow! My heart goes out to that family and awful!

Looks like you have a little budding chef in that Stacia! How fun!! How much did your "buns" weigh (raw dough)? They look HUGE!!

Anonymous said...

Sis: All the baking looks super good. Tell Stacia her 2G's wish they could taste her brownies...... the look awesome! Love her expressions and wonder if she is related to me cz of her talking to herself while she works and is in deep thought..... I'm trying to break that about myself but suppose it will never work due to my young age. :):):)

Hey, Mike, please send us some of your email stuff. Love/prayers to you.

Very proud of your older ones for helping you so much and in so many ways. Alexander must be growing up to help Stacia in such a nice way.

love/prayers to you all. 2G's and Dad/Mom T.

Anonymous said...

PS: looks to us like Nolan is really growing alot. Neat! l/p us.nT's