Monday, May 03, 2010

Much To do on Monday

I'm not sure where to begin telling today's adventures, but this is how it all ended.

It started early with school, really early so we could play. Michael, sorry to have missed you. Day four is sure to be the charm.

Twyla and boys met at our home at 9:30. We headed to Star Bright Glass in Hachinohe. That deserves its own post.  I DID  learn the way to Hachinohe...go out the subdivision, turns right and don't stop until the road T's. Relief to know how to get there without paying tolls. LOL We got home about 2:00 or so.  In the midst of a dust storm. It was so bad, I couldn't see the lane next to me to turn into our subdivision. This is after it settled down. Usually you can see across the fields, to a Japanese neighborhood and mountains. Yes, I did hang laundry before we left home. ::snort::
Back at home we finished school.

At Stacia's prompting, we went to visit the ponies. This photo ears the "amusing site - Japan" label.

The day was gorgeous. Much more wind here than Hachinohe...but it WAS very warm (60's I'm guessing). Spring must be here.

We found a safe way to the pond...a way that is "farmer approved". He stopped me again and reminded me to come fishing. He spreads his hands very big and tells me there are bass in the pond. He says we don't need a license.

Stacia quite happily pointed out the "bam boooo" or "baaaa boo"....

The Wind was WHISTLING and it was so fun to sit, while the boys made boats and the threw stones and watch the wind on the water, whist visiting with Arielle.

Farmer was quite concerned about Stacia's nose. He asked about it (and I understood what he meant). I pantomimed swinging and falling flat on her face. This made him laugh.

Stacia asked if I had some "dippin treats". This seemed to scream for an impromptu tea time. I "happened" to have all the treats from the Big Cake Bakery by Liberty Park.

We headed  to base for Jared and Arielle to be at Human Video Practice. (Michael, trying to get the video to load from yesterday).

The youngers and I ran to Stars and Stripes, the post office, the library and then crashed at Rick and Renee's. What a treat to have somewhere to crash when I'm in between events on base.

We received a box of books and an unexpected (to the kids) treat. Thanks, Beth.

I'd forgotten that Arielle LOVES Shells and White Cheddar. LOL

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

Sis: Just another very busy day for you. BUT a fun day. Great way to make time fly......PTL for skype and being able to keep in touch with Mike. This is my least favorite day of any week...... Monday...... = work...... Thank God I enjoy kds. :):):):)::) love/\prayers - Mom T.

Michael said...

What a fun day. I am looking forward to doing some bass fishing when I get home.