Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snakes and Lawns

Stacia and Zander both woke up with ear aches this a.m. Stacia eye was green and gooky again. Ugh. Prayers appreciated. I started the ibuprofen....and began the eye ointment again. She'd done the 3 days the doc prescribed.

Jared and Arielle had a talent show practice this a.m. I drove them to the high school. Then we waited. I did finish the last of the retreat sessions. I'm excited to have it on the screen.  It seemed daunting but all that remains now is to practice and pray. I love it.  Savoring God - a great theme.

We had planned a chapel dinner tonight - but with kids sick - we're home. Rodney and Windy are taking Jared to chapel tomorrow. He is running the slides.

From 2010-05-15

I've been sure that we needed to mow our yard. It was tall...up to my knees in spots. We borrowed a friends mower and did that today. Our lease says that the land lord will mow the lawn....but....we live surrounded by fields and I knew the rodents and snakes were lurking. Sure enough, the neighbor had a four foot snake in her front yard....that was IT.  I started to mow...but then Jared came out and finished...and Rodney came over with a weed whacker to help tame it all. It's a new yard...lush and green.

From 2010-05-15

I can hang laundry now without worrying about a snake slithering across my feet before I see it. LOL

From 2010-05-15

It was a beautiful day. I'm hoping for nice weather next weekend for our ladies retreat. It would be gorgeous on the lake with nice weather.

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

When we lived in Heidelberg although we lived off-post our unit was rented by the govt and then given to us. We didn't pay rent, we just didn't receive housing allowance.
Do you pay your rent direct to the owner or does the AF handle that? Who do you call for repairs to the house - the landlord or the AF?

Sure hope the kids are feeling and looking better today

Darshia said...

Prayed, Sis. God covered you, Michael and your children during our middle of the night meeting time.

Birch trees are blooming in AK and my are as itchy red as Stacia's are goopy.

Good news? Sun is shining and it's a beautiful Spring Day!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

We pay the landlord. She is to fix things. She hasn't. LOL I have to find the time to go in person to her office, because we are not communicating evidently via phone. Michael DID go to their office and they promised QUICK service. Hasn't happened obviusly - he's been gone over 6 weeks. LOL

Darshia - good and bad, isn't it. Glad the sun is shining - hope the allergy season is short lived.

Cynthia said...

Perhaps they'll reduce your rent if you mow the lawn yourself?