Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Great Park!

It is our goal to go on a minimum of one family outing a week. This is our attempt to stave off a summer of moping because Michael isn't here to go exploring with us.  We are getting a jump start by participating in the Chapel's Summer Activities.

Last week we had three outings. LOL  This week we started off by following Windy and children to Lake Ogawarako Park.  This park features all sorts of climbing structures.
Look closely and you'll count 10 children. How I wish the number had been 14.
This park boasts camping spots and cabins. I wondered about using the location for a spring retreat....They really are cute cabins, all futons...but the squatty potties may well be a deal buster for our ladies. ::snort::

It was a great outing. We ran back to base in time for the older kids to go to Youth Group and for the younger ones and I to enjoy a visit in the park by the chapel. Unfortunately, some strange bug found me....I have GIANT red spots on my legs. I really should take a photo. ::snort::

Today we did school, ran to base and will run back again in a couple of hours for VBS training.

BTW - we scored two ITT trips ($360.00), a balloon bouqet ($25), a photo matted and framed ($60) and a t-shirt ($30)....wonder what July's Deployment Passport will bring. I love our FSS (Force/Family?/ FORCE support Squadron).

Choosing Joy!
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Windy said...

The pictures turned out great! May I have a copy? I think you have a no-copy command on your blog :)

Anonymous said...


Wow! Looks like plently of fun. Congrats on the wins! Good thing I am not there......... we don't win when I am around... :):):) Really sounds like some great places to be. love/prayers - Mom T.