Saturday, June 12, 2010

Self-Care Day 3's tough to stay on break! Today I struggled to keep my commitment to Mike to stay "free" until Monday.  I sort of fudged and sort of didn't. I did some local things I had time to do and wanted to do. I ignored new emails and old emails waiting for replies, as I'd promised I would do. Success....the world isn't  ending because my inbox is filling up. I don't have to  respond to email in 20 seconds flat, you know?  ::snort::

  • Slept in until 7 a.m.
  • Hung some laundry - gorgeous day
  • Caught up on Facebook  while Jared went to make the barber laugh; he showed him this photo and asked him to make his hair look like THAT.
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
  • Went Geo-caching
  • BBQ burgers
  • Blog and then we'll see...bathes and such for tomorrow's activities?
Yep - we found our very first Geocache in Japan, without Mike or Josiah along. We're fairly proud of ourselves. The first one was easy.  It was a spot we were used to Kurashi Wo Mamoru Mori Park (the park with the Miss Veedol replica and the tower).
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
Found one piece of "sea porcelein"
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
Jared is collecting bamboo poles
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
The second cache involved backing up several narrow Japanese roads, looking for a spot to turn the beast around.  When we found the cache it was worth it! Michael, we found the runway for the Miss Veedol flight. We'd never have found it without a cache to search for. LOL
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache

From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
Just like this photo - no clue what the sign means
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache

Along the way we also  found a gentlemen "poaching" wild veggies from the protected forest. I didn't realize that is what he was doing until after we'd shared some engaging conversation....

Me - Konichiwa
He - different response than I expected - finally Konichiwa
Me - Kore wa nan desu ka? (What is this?)
He - rattled answer I didn't get
Me - Tabimasu? (eat?)
He - Hai, oishi! (yes, delicious)
Me - Tried a bite
He - salada
Me - My lips are tingling and swelling - what WAS that?

Our final cache was not a cache - we don't think. It was the coordinates of a local caching meeting....but I'm not sure they hid anything. We didn't look closely as there was a group of Japanese men enjoying their yakiniku and sake.  We did stop and enjoy the park.  A cute little park close to base. Another spot we would not have taken the time to hunt out without the aide of geocaching.

"Chain" steps
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
Fun, Chain climbing structure
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache
Rapunzel in her tower... LOL
From 2010-06-12 Saturday_geocache

Another very relaxing day with the kids. I've NEEDED to play. Life has been all work for far too long. I must remember to take time to relax.  I'll be a better mother, teacher and leader if I'm rested.
Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Renee said...

I remember when Scott was in Kosovo and I was in Germany, I had to find time to have fun esp since my eldest was old enough to babysit. I was more adventuresome then and would go to parks and such

Anonymous said...

Great job n the geocache finds. I am looking forward to you showing me the runway for the Miss Veedol. Stacia is getting suh long hair, and it is so pretty as well.

All of the photos came through. Not sure what was going on with the othe ones.

Love you

Cynthia said...

Sounds like some GREAT FUN!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It was fun. A bit stressful for Jared, I think. I figure no matter where we end up - if the batteries hold - we should be able to back track and find our way home....right?

Anonymous said...

Sis and all:

WOW, sounds like a great and relaxing day. congrats. love/prayers - mom

Cynthia said...

In theory, yes, you should be able to backtrack and find your way home (LOL)!