Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spectacular Saturday

Today seemed like the perfect day to bring out the bubbles. We have a nice long area of grass to enjoy this summer. Our yard, our neighbor decided she needed to go home because her dh is deployed, and then a common lots of grassy area to enjoy....

The neighborhood kids also had a water fight. I thought it was far to cold for such. Tis the season for all banner of critters to begin showing up in various water bottles.....INSIDE my house. I've re-established with Zander that any critter in a bottle IN MY HOUSE, will be thrown away. ::snort::
A neighbor found a mouse. We don't seem to have that trouble. I think the 4 ft rat snake did it's part....but we are fighting these guys.

I spent a part of the afternoon getting to know part of this year's local PWOC board.

Have you ever seen tools on a cake?

We went to see Disney's Ocean tonight. Wow - the message was loud and clear - personally, I think they'd get a better response if they preached a little less and let the stunning photography speak for itself. We've been studying oceans this year, and the nature views WERE breathtaking. I did point out to the kids that all the "pristine ocean" shots from "billions of years ago" were, in fact, filmed last year. ::snort:: I'm that sort of movie goer. Blame it on 26 1/2 years of married life. ::grin::  It was fun to see several families we know at the movies.

We enjoyed another treat that Akiko brought last night. Like miniature Dairy Queen treats.

I worked on grabbing data from an online survey and putting it into a PowerPoint presentation for our upcoming, local board planning meeting.

The other big news of this week is that Jared now has a "driver's permit". He can only drive on base. We have to log 9 hours before he can have a hope to start tomorrow.

As we ended the day I suddenly remembered: "I started yogurt 12 hours ago!" ::snort:: Good thing I remembered THAT.

All in all, it's been a very good day. We're missing Michael today....but every day gone is a day closer to being together again.....

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis: Love seeing pictures of the kids. Amazing how fast Alexander and Stacia are changing as far as getting more grown up looking. Wow!

Watch out world.... here comes Jared. Actually know he will be a good drives. :)

love/prayers and slow down a bit. :):):) oh sure!

Renee said...

WOW!!! Japan permits teens to drive? that's sooo different than Germany. 18 was the minimum age (even if one had a US license)...and if you were 18 without a US license, you HAD to take German driver's ed which was expensive....
which is why when we returned to the US and MJ was nearly 17yo that she hadn't yet driven (well except for those 10 ft I let her drive in an abandoned parking lot on post once)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

No, Renee. Japan does NOT allow minors to drive. That's why I said he can only drive on base.

The USAF allows minors to drive ON BASE. They get an American Driver's License. This allows them to be "experienced drivers" when they graduate and return to the states. It saves them money on that end. I understand this is a SOFA/Command decision. Our commander has youth and realizes the need.

Cynthia said...

Does he only need 9 hours and then he gets a regular license? That sure doesn't seem like very many especially if it's all confined to a base. Just curious.