Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unbelievably Warm!

The weather this week has been absolutely fantastic! We've enjoyed it to the max.....3 picnics, an outside potluck.....and I've been doing LAUNDRY all day to get things dried before the rain starts next week. LOL

Friday was gorgeous. By the time Zander and I got home from our walk, I'd decided to play hooky. Windy agreed. We emailed a few others. Twyla and boys were able to join us.

I was late! In Japan - you IGNORE police with flashing lights. You pull over if they put on the sirens. I noticed the front and behind me....I noticed the flashing lights....I didn't remember that ON THE BASE they have a sort of eclectic set of driving rules...mostly American but Japanese style. Ok reminder that I'm only on loan to Japan. ::snort::

I was SO relieved to see the police speed off that I took the wrong turn.....and was looking to figure out how to turn around when we noted a HELICOPTER was cruising right above our van...and finally security forces jumped out into the lane.  I was informed that I couldn't pass. I told her I was trying to find the lake and wanted to do a u-turn. I wasn't allowed to do that either. There was an alarm and alert at Security Hill and we were the first car we watched and wondered....and the fighters began to do some circles...rather low....and I told the children...."Well....maybe the North has done it and we have a front row seat..." but all was well....or you would have heard about it on CNN by now. ::snort::

We finally MADE it to the beach. A few of us got strange sun burns. We all had fun. Zander caught a tadpole.
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We were up bright and early today to get Arielle and Jared to the meeting point for a work day at a Christian retreat center. They were to meet at 6:45. Arielle was the only girl who showed up. She opted to stay home.

I spent a bit of time on a ministry call....watched movies...hung laundry...the kids washed the Joy Mobile....
From 2010_06_25water
From 2010_06_25water
We attended a "Fighter Wing Staff Agency" Potluck. It was fun to visit with old friends and meet some new ones. Susie talked to me about hopping. She goes out of here to all over - often. She has 4 young kids. She shared a few tricks with me. She gave me a website to check. She's been to Korea, Kadena, Guam, Alaska, Seattle...all on hops....not the Patriot Express but hops. I am excited to do some research and give it a whirl.

Jared says it will cost a lot in hotels. I may leave Jared in Misawa. ::snort:: I'm going to TX or OR or WHEREVER THE PLANE MAY babies need an adventure. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis: Sounds like wonderful days. AND we all need to see you. Here you can stay at our place and more imoportantly........... Will can get your big trailer out of storage and park it here or over by the school if that is possible at all.

Am sure the same can be said for San Angelo.

love you tons, and praying for you all.

Is that your new van?

love/prayers - Mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom - DO NOT BANK ON THIS and please DO NOT mention to the G's - don't want to get their hopes up.

I'm researching...we shall see. I'm not sure it will possible....I am dreaming.

Renee said...

Hopping is so uncertain. You wait and wait to get a flight... and then you don't know when you can get home again.
We knew a family in Germany that did this.... Dad HAD to return to work (his leave was over) so he had to buy a one way last minute international plane ticket - so much for a cheap adventure.

Cynthia said...

Sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I hope you get to go somewhere exciting and even better if it's somewhere that you can meet up with some of your bigger kids!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

You've shared that before Renee.

Getting out of Misawa is HARD and I'm running into MANY who have opted to do the HOPS.

Keep in mind - I won't be on a time schedule - my dh is deployed. He won't have to be back here at any certain time.

I am prepared that I won't be on the commerical cloned "Patriot Express" during the summer...we'd do the cargo planes or what to Tokyo, Korea or Guam to get to Alaska or Seattle and fly commericial from there.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cindy - could be fun - could be a lot of waiting - but should be an adventure.

I'm just starting to research. I had thought the ONLY plane out of here was the Patriot Express (commercial clone) and it is FULL during the summer when families are moving in and out.

Janette said...

I would LOVE that website!

We were not so successful with hops when on active duty - but know several retirees who hop in the "down months" (the non PCS months). I would think that without a brick school- you might be up for some excellent adventures.
Just make sure to check out hotels on the other end.
We found that most Air bases have great quarters on the flight line- and AF active duty have first dibs! Bellows in Hawaii comes first to mind!
Renne- we found that AF families have much more luck hopping. I guess if we needed a tank for transportation- we would be in luck:>)