Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Second Outing This Week

We had scheduled our second outing of the week to Towada Horse Park today. Those who had been there knew that when it was wet, the slide was we opted not to go. It turned out to be a beautiful day, but who can tell? LOL

Instead, we headed to the Misawa Aviation Museum.  This is ALWAYS a lot of fun. There is an outdoor park area where we had a picnic. It turns out some moms from one of our squadrons was meeting there as well....all also PWOC and/or MOPS we ended up with eight moms, twenty-two kids, and a lot of fun.

Stacia was so VERY excited to try this...she was tall enough this time.
From 2010_07_01_museum_games
Not a second of hesitation as the "ride" began.
From 2010_07_01_museum_games
The famous spinning room.
From 2010_07_01_museum_games
Zander told me he was "taking over the Japanese Internet" at this station.
From 2010_07_01_museum_games
He and Colton spent a lot of time in the cockpit of an airplane. It was fun to listen to the scenarios they constructed for each other.
From 2010_07_01_museum_games
I love sitting with those who have explored more than us and picking their brain. I think I have some new ideas for the rest of the summer...if I can remember what they are. ::snort::

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Kristine said...

Great museum, and I love all the pics of the happy kids!