Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I discovered something new about the kids today...they love adventures and trying new things. Hmmm...given their parents, and our lifestyle, this is not a surprise.  This came out when we were talking about going to the Swim Beach again today. It seems that they'd like to do different things and think twice a week is fine for the swim beach. ::snort:: I really should have guessed as earlier in the summer they were tired of the lake and that is what led to the discovery of the swim beach. ::snort::

We ran errands on base - including several related to getting this errant sign to STAY on the fence. ::snort:: I heard from another that she had to repair it tonight...I'm guessing this thing is not going to survive the stormy weather.  We'll see.

We headed for the City Pool .....but alas....the slides are being repaired. They say they'll be fixed by Sunday. We'll go back. It looks like a lot of fun.

I decided to head down a different route on our way home...then saw this road. Doesn't it scream at you to try it out? Since we had 2 hours before we needed to pick Jared up from football....we explored.

We ended up at the Veedol Memorial Beach.....had the whole beach to ourselves. We've not been hunting for sea glass since we discovered the swim beach. We tried our luck....found a few pieces. 

I LOVED the big, crashing waves (the swim beach is a little blocked off cove). The kids loved finding barnacles and limpets and such.

Stacia knows I want to find glass floats.....but she thinks these will be "just as nice". She insisted on collecting all she found and plans to paint on them. 

We arrived back on base to pick up Jared just as the team broke up (30 min late). It was a great adventure considering the pool we meant to go to didn't work out. LOL

n other news, I'm going to have a bit more responsibility than I was planning for our Fall Rally. I need to refocus my to do list and settle in. Prayers appreciated.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis: to say the least you an Mike like adventure. Wonder where that came from..... Seems Mike's G'Pa, River guide loved it to....... Needless to say your life as a kid was full of it. Hang on world, here come our G'Grandkids......... adventure it will be. :):):)

Love the pictures. Maybe Stacia's floats will become a masterpiece and wonderful memory? :):)

Do you need anymore M/M's or certain type of candy to slip in now and again. Love the surprise idea.

Not another word

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Newman O's are always anticipated and a huge hit in your packages, mom. We can't get them here.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

Really excited of all the work going on there for the sake of Christ -- even seeing the SIGN you posted on the fence and how ALL of our publicity efforts are going to be effectual in bringing ladies into the Kingdom of God.

Thanks. Hugs.