Saturday, September 04, 2010

A crazy insane GLORIOUS week in the life of the G family

School - We actually began this several weeks ago - never really took a summer break.... Stacia's our newest student and is very excited about it. 
Zander relishes his new role...

 Stacia especially loves it when Arielle reads "Dr Ham" (Green Eggs and Ham) to her. 

Schedule Tweaking - With the advent of workouts at the base gym (20 min daily drive) and football (another 20 min daily drive), we continue to tweak our schedule. No, I can't combine trips due to the nature of our family life and commitments; but they are no longer doing 2 a days. I take the "football time" to go play with the youngers.

Meetings - MOPS Steering Committee, Local PWOC board, Local PWOC Retreat Team, Regional PWOC Conference Team Skype, Regional Budget tweaking Skype....

Football - This week found Jared with new football adventures. He injured his ankle on Monday. He practiced "a bit" and jogged laps on Wednesday (no I didn't know this was the plan). Thursday I drove him to the UCC instead of practice. When the Doc asked what they could do for us, I told her, "Tell this knucklehead he can't play football until his ankle heals." She laughed and said many moms were coming in with that request. She thought it was a sprain. Then said sprain and torn ligaments. When he couldn't move his toes, she did x-rays. Final decision? Not sure.... She said it shows an "anomaly" - either a break or a bad bruise of the bone. I didn't know you could bruise bones.  He's on crutches and meds, off the ankle and not playing football until he's x-rayed again in 2 weeks......and he's been warned he'll need to do some rehab.

He needed his love hug on Thursday. Friday found him on the sidelines....but still on the team....BTW - Rico, tall boy on the left....was hit by a TAXI riding his bike home from practice last week. He's on the sidelines too....they seem to keep getting injured at the same time....and I guess it was quite the sight when they visited the snack shack....and tried to get their food back to their spot. LOL

Playing - We've had dinner with a friend, spent an afternoon catching up with a friend and her kids who had been stateside for a few weeks, spent an afternoon at the lake with another friend and one of her sons, Arielle and Jared had Cross-training Kickoff (youth), enjoyed football games.....

Misc - I visited with a few ladies.....we've had another Japanese lesson, I've worked on fall rally details and then began pulling notes and  thoughts together as I'm now in charge of sessions at the fall rally, caught up with Mike once on Skype this week.....bugs....frogs....all sorts of zoology happening around here. 

It's been a full week..... BTW I've not forgotten that I need to blog about Goshogawara and Hirosaki....but I want to do it right and that is going to need to wait until I have a bit more breathing space. 

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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A very full week!