Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Discouraging Doctor Appointment....but.....

Jared and I had really hoped to get a definitive idea of what is going on with his ankle today....unfortunately....we still don't know. They did another x-ray. They told him to stay on crutches at least another 3 weeks. To continue icing....seems that as it heals, they'll be able to tell more of what is going on....and they want to wait 3 weeks for a MRI. They saw a bone bruise and are wondering if it will resolve or require surgery....we wait.

We've finally admitted he's out for the football season. He has 3 - 9 weeks of crutches left - depends on how things work in the next 3 weeks. He also has appointments with physical therapy.

AND his lab results are back...but his blood pressure is still high. It has been "fun" to get lots of letters from the Mayo clinic. ::snort:: He is now scheduled for more lab tests, 5 day blood pressure readings and kidney ultrasound. We appreciate your prayers for either healing or an ANSWER as to why our very healthy 16 year old is having blood pressure readings of 153/92. He runs. He lifts weights. He doesn't eat HFCS, fried foods, caffeine, sodas......The doc seemed more concerned about this than the ankle - which really frustrated Jared. Dr. didn't buy my theory that the blood pressure is all about Mike being gone. I'm going for the theory of a faulty blood pressure reading machine now.....and the nurse probably just didn't hear well when she did it. LOL 

BUT we did get lots of packages today....from Mom (see countdown post):

From Math U See....Stacia was EXCITED and said, "Now I just need someone to send me the alphabet!"

Off to watch a movie with the kids....we've earned it. LOL

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe at how much Stacia has grown over these past 7 months. I had not caught it before, but it really shows in today's blog photos.
Love you

Linda said...

Stacia is so funny! Praying for Jared's health issues.

Debbie said...

I only bring this up because we experienced this --- my husband was having foot problems too. They couldn't find the problem and I guess I didn't realize how much pain he was in. But his blood pressure was off the charts - horrible. It turned out to be a bone tumor (I do NOT think your son has that!) but I bring it up because the minute he had the surgery -- his blood pressure came down into the normal area. The doctors are now convinced his high readings were a result of the pain he was experiencing. He just thought of it as more of a nagging pain not extreme pain. So we didn't manage it and yet his body reacted to it - with very high blood pressure. His numbers were 180/120 - stroke level high.

So you might try ways to manage the pain and see if that helps the blood pressure. It is just a thought - since we experienced it first hand. Looking back we can see it all fitting together but at the time - even my husband will say he didn't think he was in that much pain. It was a nagging pain. Not an extreme, sharp pain. But the body itself reacted to that.

He had to go on blood pressure meds to bring it down enough to even be able to have the surgery. And immediately after the surgery, he was fine. Hasn't taken another pill.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Will do Debbie - but the prior 3 high readings were during the spring and summer and he wasn't in pain. I should be focusing on how glad I am that it's not higher with the injury......

Mike - yep - she's growing - but not as much as the last deployment. She'll certainly know who you are when you return. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Bet Stacia has sfound the alphabet cookies by now> Sent them just for her and probably Alexander if he needs such things in learning such things. :):):)

Your kids are such funny kids at times. Have enjoyed their funny sayings alll thru the years.

Jared's BP..... definitely can be due to Mike being gone and with Jared's ways he is bound to take it all to heart and the responsibility he feels and wala......... the BP readings are high..... and then he is hurting just now so add that to the mix.

praying for you all and certainly love you all. -- Mom T.

Cynthia said...

LOL about Stacia asking for someone to send her an alphabet. That's SO CUTE!