Monday, September 06, 2010

More Backyard Construction

This is the continuing saga of my once-open "backyard" becoming the home for twenty conex hooches.  Yup, the trees are gone, and it is quite a mess.  The construction workers are all muslim.  Middle of the day working in the sun during Ramazan (Afghan version of Ramadan) - they were pretty much wiped out.  During this time, they neither eat nor drink anything from sun up to sun down.

Blessings - Michael

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Anonymous said...

what is a connex home? Think I may have an idea but ????????? l/p Mom T.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom
Conexes are large shipping containers. If you look to the right side of the photos, you can see a whole line of them. They can be stacked together to form something akin to an apartment complex. They normally have three beds in each one - a bunkbed and a stand alone. They are not very big at all. three people to a conex really makes for tight quarters.