Friday, September 10, 2010

More Backyard Issues - Michael

This is the lull in the storm for all of the construction in my backyard.  All of the workders are local hires.  They are having their holiday weekend following Ramadan.  Either Monday or Tuesday, it should get fairly busy and noisy here for a few weeks.  Setting forms and pouring concrete is next on the agenda. 

 The white "buildings in the background of the bottom photo are conex hooches.  If you look carefully, there is a white vertical line between every second airconditioning unit.  This the dividing line between each "conex" section.  In the top photo all the way at the end, you can see the horizontal dividing line where two "conex" hooches have been stacked.

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Anonymous said...

Mike: Thanks for all the information and keeping us up[ on everything. I think it must be nice for air-conditioning, but the housing looks a bit sparse. Still when one thinks of the housing for most Afgans these look super great. Box on the way. love/prayers -- Mom T.