Saturday, September 18, 2010

WE DID IT - An Adventure

We weren't able to go to Towada Horse Park yesterday. We had nothing planned today and the kids wanted to give it a shot. I wanted to get a bit more concrete details on the directions to share with those who've never found this treasure. We sat off. 

FIRST we found Risoukyo Flower Farm and Outdoor Museum. There weren't many flowers blooming...but we can see this is a place to revisit in the right season. We enjoyed the grounds....we marked it in the gps so we can find it again. 

We left the flower gardens and headed for "Shotokukan" - Towada Horse Park. This place is fun! 

Horse Barns...

There was a horse determined to reach Stacia...kept butting it's head against the bars....this was taken right after he turned around and began pushing his rump against the bars. 


Fun slides - Trojan Horse

Main ROLLER slide....this is the bottom half....

The top half winds through the trees, up the hill. 

Instead of horse rides, we took a pony cart ride. What a deal - it would have cost Y2,400; but they gave us a Y1,000 per family rate.  We'll do the horses when Jared can join us. 

Then it RAINED....lovely....and I was so proud of how the children take each of these things as a part of the adventure. It would have been miserable if they were the complaining type....but we sat down for a snack, then made a run for it. 

This spot is only 30 - 40 minutes (depending on traffic) from our home. We'll visit again. We've still not visited the horse museum, eaten ramen at the shop or rode the horses.

We stopped at Hard Off Recycle shop and bought 29 pieces of pottery. LOL 

We ended the adventure with homemade chicken noodle soup...and an episode or two of The Lucy Show (thanks, Mom).

Arielle went down the slide with the video camera to give you a taste of the fun.

Choosing Joy!
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Debbie said...

Wow, what a slide! Why don't they have great parks and playgrounds like that here.

I continue to admire and applaud you and the children for your adventurous spirit while Mike is away.

Cynthia said...

Looks like you had fun despite the rain!