Thursday, December 30, 2010

They Wanted an Adventure...

They got it! We had a 7 day visit planned. We were content with a 6 day visit after the flight delays. 

Josiah reports  JAL has cancelled all flights to Misawa for "at least two days" due to the storm.  They are checking now to see if JAL will refund the price of the ticket or get them on the train as this is WEATHER DELAYED. That is supposed to be the winter ticket guarantee.  The problem is that the boys haven't been briefed for Tokyo Station and know NO Japanese...and this is the BIGGEST TRAVEL SEASON IN JAPAN. ::snort:: Everyone goes HOME for New Years.  We're hoping the trains are still running and we'll go pick them up Hachinohe. 

If the trains aren't running, we may attempt to drive to Tokyo. We do not want to have them get here on Monday and fly out on Friday. 

Yep, it's windy here.....all manner of things are stuck in our fence...nerf weapons, balls, grills, patio furniture, trash cans, garbage, coolers, and a BIKE.  Jared brought in my wind chimes. Mike put it back together after the storm last when it was blown to bits. 

AFN Misawa Misawa Weather Warning Friday 31 Dec 2010
Heavy Snow Warning 8-10 inches anticipated. Warning in effect until 7 pm
Wind Warning, Max speed of 50 knots expected. Warning in effect until 7 pm

I bake or "fix" the blog when life is chaotic and I need focus. You'll note the new blog changes....I changed the background, header, removed buttons, added a printer friendly button.... When I finished, and the boys weren't here I began baking.  I've baked cookies, made peanut butter bars and white chocolate tic tac toe mix. WHO is going to eat all this if the boys don't make it home??????

Choosing joy....just one big primal scream...but now joy....not happy but joyful. 

Ah, I love the Body of Christ. As I typed, the phone rang and friends are calling to pray. Praying for people who understand English and will be helpful, praying the boys can get train tickets, navigate Tokyo station and have the adventure they wanted on the Bullet Train. LOL 

Off to cook something more. 

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Steph @ Wild Crickets said...

Love your primal scream. lol Everyone needs a little stress release so we can focus on the joy. I'm learning that! Glad they are with you now!