Thursday, May 19, 2011

Buying Produce

In Texas we bought our produce in cases and divided it amongst friends weekly.  Things cost more here....but we DO live in the midst of Japan's farming communities. 

Today we visited our favorite produce market out here by us. We can walk to this. Hyakka Ryousai - not sure if that is the name of the restaurant or the market but it works. This is where we went with Nate to hand pick our strawberries with scissors. Yum. 

Today we stopped in the banana house.......

I'm guessing this is to speed up the ripening process? I know it works in a paper bag with green bananas bought at HEB. ::snort:: 

There were goats 


Promise of pineapples

This is about as good as it gets here for watermelons

Organic Buffet restaurant - also a bakery and ice cream. 

We discovered that while you CAN pick your own strawberries they frown on picking your own bananas....but yum...those were GREAT...and just the perfect size for a small snack...though it took 6 or 8 in our green smoothie ....

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Anonymous said...

agree with you that it is great to shop at a market. Miss that from the Philippines and Liberia. Only problem was the meat..... but I had certain vendors who knew what I wanted and so I always got some 'protected' meat. ????? when you kids came home from school I would always be sure to put the meat into some clorox water ANE THEN RINSE IF VERY, VERY GOOD IN FILTERED WATER ETC. I also did this when we had American visitors. :):):):):) you gotta love a place like this....we will still find a way to visit you all in Japan. love/prayers - mom t.