Monday, May 30, 2011


We didn't see the message.....

02:25 PM May 30, 2011
Aomori Local Meteorological Observatory
Weather WarningsMisawa City

[Issued Warnings]
High waves warning

It was another rainy, blustery day...the typhoon had passed last night....seemed like a great time to go watch waves. Michael wanted to see some waves - real waves - we headed out. The kids opted to stay home - SCORE - a date with my favorite man. 

 It makes me sad that the regular beaches were all blocked off.....we kept driving and looking and discovered there are still quite a few you can get too - it would appear the ones they know Americans go to are blocked off. ::snort:: Could have something to do with the way we keep needing rescued. 

We found waves. I found one piece of sea glass. We found a great deserted road which  will be fabulous for family bike rides.  I'm still sad the swim beach 5 min from our home won't be open any time soon....but the ocean is still there to watch. 

45* on May 30th.....

This boat is far from it's proper place

See all the concrete blocks - that's the sea wall...but the red boards show they are starting to frame it up again to rebuild...YES. There is a band of pine trees planted near the coast....runs up and down the Eastern seaboard. They did this to stop the erosion of the's sad to see so many of the trees dying...too much salt water....

We were exploring this bit of the sea wall at a new to us spot...when Mike noted it didn't appear very safe and we should probably move back. 

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Cynthia said...

Minus the typhoon warning, we're having similar temps and rainy weather! In fact, there's a winter storm watch all around us today. A foot of snow last night in Red Lodge!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Wow - SNOW...that's worse than here. LOL It's a beautiful spring day today.