Friday, May 27, 2011


Are we the ONLY family who is constantly surprised by four day weekends? How do they sneak up on us?

Today we continued on with our routine. The kids and I did school. Mike went in to work and prepped for Sunday. He's been sick this week, fighting the crud we all have, driving to Miyako while sick, missed one day of work, but for the most part carried on while feeling crummy.  Today he worked.

These kids cracked me up with their Wii Active workout....

Nolan is sure to get fit this way. ::snort:: 

I DID drive in to an onsen with a friend. It was a nice break. I am trying to hit all the onsens in Misawa and so tried a new one today. I don't think I'll go back. The tubs were HOT and there were no outside tubs.

I worked on some things for a local PWOC planning/training retreat.

We had pizza and watched a movie. A typical Friday.

Ah, big news - Jared has been offered a summer hire job as a historian on base.

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Linda said...

Great news for Jared!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

He's still hoping for a different job before this one begins. This one is summer hire and they don't pay well. A "regular hire" would give him more money per hour and have the potential of being a job he keeps until he leaves Japan. BUT I'm also happy for him and told him historian will look good on a resume. LOL