Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flyovers, Golf, & Bread

We've had a great Saturday. It would have been better with Michael here-but it WAS a good day! 

I spent a few hours working on various PWOC projects.  I worked out. Breakfast was fresh from our little garden carrots, green onion or two, blueberries and a strawberry.  The kids were up and about and the rest of the day was a dedicated family day. 

Before I forget - as we drove down a small Japanese lanes we experienced FIVE FLYOVERS! If you know us, you know Michael if a flight enthusiast. At our first base with PLANES - San Antonio - he started a game with the children. Every time an airplane flew directly over us, he'd take us for Blizzards at DQ. This is one of those family games which simply won't die.  Alas, we've not lived as close to an active flight line since San Antonio....the flyovers have been very infrequent.....but today...well FIVE F-16s (or are the 15s) flew DIRECTLY OVER US.....the nearest is DQ is thousands of miles away....but the kids have decided they'll settle for Baskin and Robbins and I owe them 5 trips...shakes or cones, their choice. We had round one this afternoon. ::snort::  It is very important I document this so when Michael gets home there is no question about the validity of the children's claims. LOL

We keep forgetting to go to the Tonami Clan Memorial when they have all the fun things going on. I'd heard Saturdays in the summer were the ticket. We went. The go carts and battery cars were not running. Zander has been saying for a few weeks he'd like to learn to play golf. None of us play golf. However, there was a miniature golf course at the park today. We ponied up our yen and had a great time. 

I think it is fairly uncommon to search for your ball in the TREE? 

Girls played as one group and boys as the other. 

I told the girls not to worry if their balls went in the little holes above as they'd roll out...they didn't. A nice man came and fished them out.....

The boys avoided our fate by covering the holes with a soccer ball and each other.....

This turned out to be a fun outing even without the cars. Maybe more so.  A funny, I was being silly (can you imagine?) and was showing Stacia the Proper way to golf (remember, I haven't a clue). I did a bit of tush wiggling and get the silly thing in. Stacia laughed. Kept shooting off the green. Stopped, wiggled her tush, got it in and said, "Huh, it works". Her technique delighted the rest of us for the remainder of the game, round, golf experience. LOL

I ran Arielle to a baby-sitting job. Stacia and I set about baking 8 loaves of bread and a pan of cinnamon rolls. I'm tweaking a new bread baking method...shaved another 20 minutes of f the process. Twenty minutes count around here!

Choosing Joy!
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Paula said...

We see F-16's all the time, but they don't usually go directly overhead. We've gotten used to them, but when an F-15 happens by we can't ignore it--they're WAY louder than the 16's.

Don't tell my kids about the icecream deal--I'd be in big trouble!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

They're playing....and we were blessed to be in the right spot at the right time. LOL