Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tie Dye Queen!

My word - what a busy week! I will update real soon......but for now...Arielle has a great new hobby. She's done this before but ran out of die.....she picked some up in Oregon......She's dyed socks, napkins, t-shirts...tonight she's doing a pair of socks for one of my friend's husbands who is going to a 70's style farewell. LOL

Look at her handiwork!

This looks prettier in real life....it was a fat shirt of mine, but it was white. I wore it today and got lots of compliments and I'm one of few wearing tie dye in Japan. ::snort:: 

She's slowly turned all my old white napkins into colorful smile creators. Who wouldn't smile at such a cheery table setting? 

Pressure cooker is done....More later.

Choosing Joy!
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Karin said...

She did a great job! When she gets bored and wants a bit more of a challenge tell her to do a search for "tie dye mickey". The same concept can be used to do other designs than Mickey...I've done hearts and stars. Its pretty easy to do and the kids love the results :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Karin - great idea. I hadn't thought to have her go online for other ideas. She'll love it. I need to go buy a pack of t-shirts or something for her to do - we're about out of white socks and napkins. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sis: let me see?? I have some white curtains that were on the bedroom windows when we moved in. I am having to use them aain in our bedroom.....boring! Maybe I'll send them over with bree and with some dye. Does she want to do them? If so,m what kind of dye? Just regular dye? If not maybe I'll try to remember how again. love/prayers - MomT. That shirt and those table napkins look great. love/prayers - Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom, she's made some more really pretty shirts and a funky pair of socks too.

I'm sure she'd do something with your curtains if you sent them along. LOL