Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Misawa PWOC Board Planning and Training Retreat

Friday and Saturday, all who could from the local PWOC board, traveled to Lake Towada for a planning and training retreat. We couldn't fully plan the year with some missing and TIME WAS SHORT.....Our  goal going in was for all to begin building relationships with each other and for us to share vision. We accomplished both goals - splendidly - and had some fun along the way.  These amazing  ladies hung in there through Engage Your Strengths, a discussion of personality and love languages. We are armed with info to help us work well together. LOL  We breezed through the personality and love languages and spent quite a bit of time discussing strengths, how to play to them, how to lead with them. Everyone had taken the test before the retreat which allowed us to get a full picture of the board as we charted results.

The trip began by me filling our "new van" with diesel again. It is not diesel. "Green means go" is the mantra I repeat to myself when I fill the van....Unfortunately, I the mantra dates to our first DIESEL van  in Misawa.  I told the ladies we had a tsunami on the last road trip and this was nothing to worry about. I left the van at the shop, we piled in Muriel's car and off we went.

The drive through Oriase Gorge is beautiful any time of year. 

Five us drove up in Muriel's car and stopped along the way for a photo or two. 

We were blessed with gorgeous weather. 

Our rooms were bright and airy. After figuring out the tiny chairs, we were set up well for our meetings. 

Tara shares her position is one of pouring into lives so they can eventually pour out to others - leading to intimacy with Jesus and each other. 

Jess keeps us all together in her role as publicity team leader.

We shared lots of laughs and discovered Mandy is quite talented in the genre of  pipe-cleaner-art. 

Photo is missing several folks....but with creatively fun women like these Misawa is in for a great year of PWOC. 

Yes, there is an onsen....and yes, we enjoyed it late on Friday night. 

This is the only hotel in the area with an "International Buffet". The accommodations are different than many Americans are used to and I wanted our new ladies to have first-hand experience with the hotel for future "retreat location" discussions.

Choosing Joy!
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love you sis: Onsen...way to bond in an interesting way. l/p Mom T.