Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visiting With Old Friends - Michael

I made one more stop along the way to Coral Springs.  During our time at Goodfellow, we met Tim and Jill.  They retired and moved to Florida.  On my way through, I had the wonderful opportunity to stop in and visit with them.  Tim was my Protestant Advisory Council President and Jill was my Religious Education Coordinator.  They were a huge help in keeping the Chapel program going and on track.
Nowadays, Tim is busy working at the base near them while Jill works at the chapel.  It was great to catch up with them and to hear they are doing well.  Jill is ever the consummate interior decorator, and together they were wonderful hosts to a wandering vagabond such as myself.
We did have an airplane fly overhead as we drove passed the end of the flightline, and according to custom, we made a beeline for DQ.  It was in the line of duty - we had to go, really!  :) 
We made a tour along the coast line.  Just for the record, I put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

Their son, Patrick graduated from High School.  He has really grown up.  Their daughter was away for college, but by all accounts, she is doing well in spite of life's up's and down's.  All in all it was wonderful to catch up with them even if it was for just one day.
-- Michael

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