Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fireworks...or NOT!

The children and I went to Kosuimaturi (Towada Fireworks Festival) last year. Michael was deployed. He LOVES fireworks.  We looked forward to going with him this year.  It was fantastic last year (these are not my photos).

As we prepared to leave town for the festival, we realized Mike is DUTY CHAPLAIN. What are the chances? (Well, really pretty good with our low manning ::snort::).

Mike went in to the chapel to get a bit of  work done. The kids and I lazed around home.

We decided to go down to the ocean and set off our own fireworks in the evening. As we drove to the beach the fog got so THICK we literally could NOT SEE. We came home.

Michael and I went out for a nice walk - alone - in the dark and foggy rice paddies. It worked. We'll try fireworks tonight.

Choosing Joy!
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