Saturday, July 09, 2011

Girls Day Out

Year's ago Michael and the boys had a "boys weekend". They snow machined into a cabin in the middle of nowhere and went ice fishing.  The girls went to Seattle during our PCS (though we had Zander and Nolan). Bre is proposing a Girls' Weekend in December. 

ANYWAY today we decided on a "Girls Day Out". I wanted Bre to have a pedicure while she was here in Japan. I knew she'd enjoy it more than the onsen...which she bravely endures with me. ::snort:: 

I got them drinks of their choice, they picked the colors and got ready to relax......

This was Arielle's first pedicure...she agrees with Bre's thoughts on pedicures vs onsens. LOL 

They didn't have enough chairs for Stacia to get a pedicure (a fact which she is not totally at peace with as they told her they'd do her nails if I brought her back this week), she did settle down with the ipad and enjoyed herself. 

We did a "bit more" shopping for Bre... and I bought each of the girls a Kokechi doll to remember the day....Krista, you'll love the one I'm sending with Bre. We missed you. 

Our next stop was an authentic Ramen shop - where Bre chose Yakisoba...but she DID use chopsticks. 

Arielle's Ramen

Mike called to say he and the boys were heading our way. They had packed some snacks and we were heading to the BEACH...with our new nails....we took a photo in case dire things happened to our soft and shiny feet.

We went to a new beach - Takasegawa River....

Lots of fishermen

We tried to find another beach to shoot off fireworks, but all the beaches were roped off. Love roads like this. 

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Linda said...

I agree with the girls. I would not even ENDURE an onsen! :)

berrypatch said...

I'm agreeing with the girls and Linda. I'm really not sure I could do an onsen. I'd have a hard time with a pedicure too as I don't like my feet touched. I'm pathetic. LOL A manicure. THAT I could easily handle. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It's really not so's quite relaxing and HEAVENLY in the winter...and I feel like I"ve stepped into some of the books I've read set in ancient Japan. LOL

You know like the Master Puppeteer....they were at the ONSEN.