Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just PURE Jello

I mentioned we'd finally come up with a "healthy" jello that we LIKE at PWOC Book club....just fruit, gelatin, juice and a bit of sweetener. Tara, here's the recipe.  We tried all sorts of things and the texture was wrong, or they were flavorless. This is what is working for us. 

2 pks of unflavored Gelatin (2 T)
2 C juice (choose your own we like crangrape best!  or mixed berry)
2 C of pureed fruit (frozen gels quicker, but any fruit will work)
1/4 C Agave Nectar (or honey if you prefer)*

With a wire whisk, stir gelatin into juice and let stand 5 min (softens the gelatin)

If you have extra juice, put it in the blender and throw in the frozen fruit. Puree until you have 2 C. 
I blend WELL to get rid of seeds and chunks which my crew doesn't want in their jello. 

Heat gelatin and juice to boiling, stir constantly with wire whisk. Heat until gelatin dissolves. Add Agave Nectar.

Combine puree and gelatin mixture. Pour into dishes and chill. 

Yes, we eat this for dessert and if it's a special occasion I  cave and top with a dollop of whipped cream.

1/2 C serving is about 100 calories.

*I'm fully aware of the Agave Nectar debate. We use honey often but in some things we want the sweet without the taste. I HAVE personally discovered that AN create less sugar spikes for me.  I really notice this in lemonade - which gives me a headache - always...with sugar or honey...but doesn't with AN. Choose another sweetener if you don't like AN. ::grin::

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