Thursday, September 01, 2011

Adventures in Tokyo

While the men climbed Mt Fuj, Chris, Arielle, Zander, Stacia and I went in search of adventure. 

We started with a hearty breakfast buffet. Then we left the New Sanno and headed LEFT...a new direction for us. ::grin:: We walked past the French Embassy, up a very narrow street and to Arisugawa Park.  It's always amazing to step under the trees and hear the noise of crickets begin instantly. This park had fishing, streams, bridges, trees and  a bit of playground. 

When we thought we'd exhausted the possibilities at the park we walked back to the New Sanno. On the way I was dive bombed by a crow.... see other post. LOL  The walk back to the hotel was interesting.

We let the young ones swim for an hour.

 Then we met up with a tour guide for the Gray Lines and enjoyed an  afternoon tour. This was a good decision. We were able to see more than we would have on our own - we would have stayed longer at each stop. This way we knew we wouldn't get lost.....and we enjoyed several new experiences.  I'll write more about this when I get the photos off the cell phone.

And the Fuji story is still coming.....honest. I'm waiting for one of the men to write it.

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