Sunday, October 16, 2011


First - Stacia would like all to know that she would like to be called Anastacia and not Stacia or Stashy. ::snort:: 

Stacia  Anastacia learned a new skill. To be more accurate she PERFECTED a new skill. She'd tried to learn to ride her bike for quite a few years. This spring Tanya, a local friend, shared how training is done in Europe. Bikes without pedals....scoot along with your feet and they begin to coast more and more until they are ready for pedals. Stacia Anastacia had been given a bike that was pink, bigger and had training wheels. She was terrified of falling and we had to run alongside to prop her up. 

We took the pedals off Stacia's bike in early summer. We actually pulled out Zander's old bike as it was shorter, lowered the seat and removed the pedals. She loved it and got more and more confident as the months went by. 
Stacia shows how you can ride her pedal - less bike!

Anastacia told Michael she was ready for pedals.

Fuzzy - but precious! She was off like lightening!

Past our street and over to the next...that speck in the middle under the yellow house is Anastacia. 

She's fallen and gotten back up. She told us she thinks she can handle the bigger bike now if we'll take the training wheels off. We still have some nice fall weather so I believe bike rides are in our future. 

She was so excited and yelling, "I can RIDE A BIKE PERFECTLY!" and "WE CAN GO FOR FAMILY BIKE RIDES!"..... I suspect she and I will ride to the produce market tomorrow...but there is a stretch with quite a bit of traffic.  She didn't make her goal of riding before she was 6 - but she DID ride before she was 6 1/2. LOL 

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Renee said...

How very exciting!!

Kim said...

Good Job, Anastacia! And what a great idea. I've heard of those pedal-less bikes, but never thought to re-make a bike into one! Maybe we will try that next summer! Thanks for thid great idea!

Sarah said...

Way to go Anastacia! Now please tell me--HOW do you take the pedals off a bike? I've tried several times and I can't seem to figure it out. My 8 year old still doesn't know how to ride--she's my anxiety-prone perfectionist, so this is not the kind of thing that comes easily to her. I've her of learning to balance without the pedals, but I haven't had any success removing hers.

Kristine said...

??? It's been a week since De'Etta's blogged, and yet I know her computer is working because I've seen her on FB! This must be some sort of record! I admit, though, that after five years of blogging, I'm contemplating consciously cutting back (as opposed to unconsciously). My kids are so much older now, and there just isn't the day to day change to comment on. It almost sounds sad, but I guess we are still busy enough together that I don't find it sad!

becky.onelittle said...

Missing your posts :)