Saturday, October 08, 2011

Japanese Calligraphy Master

We bought the older kids their names in Kanji last year. We planned to get our family name done as well - and the rest of us..... Enter this man.... who wanted his photo taken with Stacia.  His name is Wako Hachiyo and he is a Japanese Calligraphy Master. Check out that beard with the pony tail clip in it. Stacia was smitten...evidently the feeling was mutual. You can read more about him here

"Ah, Kawai, kawai" - (cute). 

Stacia answered "Doitashimashite" - Your welcome - not exactly a correct response in any language. ::snort:: 

He asked her name and she responded. 

He made her a presento - a meaning paper (which I like as well as the finished products). 

Yep  - Stacia in Kanji. Each character means something - evidently her name says "Congratulations Queen Person"  ::big grin:: 

Our Family Name - "Delightful Peaceful Gorgeous Wide Family"

OK - we're the delightfully peaceful, gorgeous and wide family. I told him we have nine children and he said, "Very wide."  Then he said God Bless You - which is not the response we usually get in Japan. . . or in America come to think of it. ::snort:: 

Turns out he also has a "gift of healing." He transfers "excess energy," which he accumulates through mediation to others through his hands. 

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Laura said...

Love the name 'Congratulations Queen Person'!! And Stacia's response of 'You're welcome'. Too cute.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It was pretty funny.