Wednesday, December 07, 2011

We're Celebrities

Today the kids and I finally made it over to Chick Fil A. What fun!  Zander said, "We're celebrities!" Bre (employee) made their day by saying, "I get to take the Goecker's orders!"  They got to see Tim O, Josiah and Kasey.....they were happy to remember and be remembered.  They were also excited to see Shelby working in the dining room. They were disappointed that Jamin wasn't there and asked Tim O if he were in the back. I'd explained he had two final to take today - but I don't think the younger two really understand the concept of going to be a building away from home to take tests. LOL

We shopped all through the mall hoping to find a calendar.  No luck. On impulse I stopped by the Family Bookstore (Christian bookstore). Everyone made a point of telling me they "love that store." I'll need to make sure we stop by there again before we leave.  I did find a calendar.  Sweet art work and verses woven into the scenes...I wouldn't have found something like this back home - either on base or off.

Had TX BBQ for dinner.....spent an hour or so at the boys' house....came back to the hotel and packed up. Early a.m. tomorrow. I'm not sure we'll have Internet when we move on base. 

Glad to be DONE with ASU

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Roy Zesch said...

You couldn't have had Texas BBQ today, there isn't any in San Angelo any more.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Again we are so proud and happy with you all. I am sitting here all teary eyed. Seems that is my ways these days. :):):) Maybe when I get out of the 70's I go thru another phase. :):):) love/prayers - Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Roy....packsaddle.....they told us they were TX BBQ...are you telling me your place is gone? It was on the list for when all got here! Grin