Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yuuki Photo of the Day

Rather than overload you with pet photos...I'll keep it to one a that fair? Unless, of course, I happen to write a daily life post and Yuuki just happens to be in the photos.... ::snort::

This after playing all morning in the snow with the kids. She loves to lay in the sun....My laptop is off to the right so this is fun for me.

Choosing Joy!
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Jodi said...

Yuuki is just so cute! She seems to have fit right into your family perfectly.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

She's a sweetie. We are so blessed that Richard and Susi let us give her a new home. I know it was hard for them.

Lois said...

Yuuki is cute! I'm partial to beagles. Steve lived with a family for awhile, and the wife was Japanese. She owned 2 Siamese with Japanese names. Steve doesn't remember their Japanese names, but the guys in the home called them Ikky and Yukky because they drooled.

Anonymous said...

HI: Bet you are all enjoying that sweet looking baby. :):) Missed that you had her. Haven't been on the internet for awhile. Will enjoying seeing her pictures etc. love/prayers - Mom T/