Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinner Out

After the retreat - seven of us went to dinner at Uotami. It was a nice to time to relax after the busy weekend....though I had fun with some of the menu options....

Simmered Pork Cartilage

Highly recommended thinly sliced pickled pork intestines

Horse meat sashimi or shabushama? - Any way you say it - if it's raw on the menu, I've learned it will show up raw on my plate. So thankful for photos in Japanese menus. 

I opted for the "Chain wide cook off winner" - Collagen. The menu promised it would be very good for my skin - and Japanese women do look youthful. I wasn't sure about the scissors, but quickly figured it out. 

Yes, this is my "relief/retreat" exhaustion look. ::snort:: 

May I just say making the choice to NOT eat pork years ago has saved me from many eating adventures in Japan? ::snort:: After dinner we went to the chapel and unpacked Tara's van.

I came home, unloaded my van. I'll put things away, clean the house, finish some regional business, attend chapel and pack tomorrow...for Monday I fly.

Choosing Joy!
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Julie Zesch said...

Wow, those are some very interesting menu items!!! I'm not sure I could stomach some of those. Hope yours was wonderful. Blessings,

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I couldn't stomach them, Julie. So glad all KNOW I don't do pork. The collagen was "interesting". Something I CAN eat - certainly easier than thinly sliced pork intestines...but not something I'd drive out of my way to get. LOL Now the tempura edamame or veggies are awesome...but you can't seem to find those everywhere.

I didn't even mention the "chicken ski and fat" on a skewer...ugh.