Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Drove Into Winter

It took us 2 hours to get from Yokota AB to the Tohoku Toll this normal?  We went down 16 to 3 to the Toll Road.... We did enjoy the scenery....
Can you make out the Katakana?
Lunch ....well.....we stopped at one stop and couldn't find "chicken on a stick".....we stopped at another stop and Stacia found some bread with "mystery meat" in the middle. She approved. Zander begged to try these from the vending machine. I gave in - but drew the line at hot dogs from the vending machine.

Complete with a salt packet
Mike and I settled for a box of Cherrios, cashews and yummy oranges....not really liking to try mystery meat.

As we drove along I began to dream of hikes, the beach, Shipwreck, driving up to Towada etc.  I struggled to remind myself it was NOT spring even if there was no snow in sight, crops in the field.....but STILL it shocked me when 3 hours from home THIS showed up on the side of the road.  The roads were still completely clear.

Isn't the snow man cute? I'm not sure what the sign says...."Beware of moving snowmen?" ::snort:: We assumed from the conditions it was warning us that there was snow ahead....which there was....1 1/2 hours from home.....

Our road - back in Oirase
 We can tell from the size of our sled hill (turned igloo?) that it's been snowing the past three days. The warm spring-like weather of Tokyo is quickly becoming a fading dream.....

Yuuki welcomed us with jumps, howls, licks.....We always bring gifts home for the kids....but this time the star of the show was Yuuki. We got her a nice soft, furry, fluffy cushion for her chair...and a pink flamingo.....

It's good to be home. We've got a bit of dinner on the table. Michael went to base to pick up Jared and clean the rental van. We'll turn it in in the a.m.  We DID buy Kung Fu Panda2 and Spy Kids 4 for the kids at the BX in we'll settle in for a bit of family movies....and try to SLEEP and get ready for chapel tomorrow. LOL

There were many highlights of the trip.....visiting Joyful Honda, seeing Mel and Tracy again, the retirement, Molten Lava dessert with the Moreys....but the best thing of all was 18 hours of discussion in a van with my boyfriend. I suspect we've used all our words up for a year or so...but it was GREAT.

Psssstt.....a secret....seeing the  warmer weather of Tokyo is testing this tropical gal's resolve to love the Northern winter. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Snow here on Tuesday and Thursday. Hope so.