Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Shopping Adventure

I love living in a place where every day is full of possible new adventures. I asked the kids who wanted to go to a local store with me to pick up a few essentials.....Jared has a bit more free time now that he's in between was fun to have him with me. 
I forget how much smaller these carts are until the guys are along
We decided since the commissary will be closed until Tuesday to pick up ingredients for Yakisoba and Gyudon.  This Aomori Beef looked great - but I didn't want to spend nearly $20 for 1/2 lb of beef. 

Ah this is cheaper....about $5.14 for a bit over 1/2 a lb....marked down even....can you read the little sticker on the left? It says "we care" and in the inner white circle "American Beef" with a map of USA.....  I couldn't figure out WHY it said, "we care," until Jared reminded me about the Fukushima beef...oh I bought American. 

Akikosan says it's "trendy" to eat grains steamed with your rice. She and I were talking about how I grind flour....evidently grains are a new trendy food craze this cracked us up....

Pocky-like treat rolled in whole wheat berries and rice....."cereals". Tasted quite nice, really. 

Do you think this may be Vodka? I'd like to make some home-made vanilla...but I don't want to make it with sake or something. 

Choosing Joy!
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