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Sourdough English Muffins

I've written about my foray into Sourdough Mania . Thanks to Christina S. for giving me a cup of starter on 1 Jan....and here it is MARCH and it's still ALIVE.  I started with this recipe and lived at the GNOWFGLIN  site to learn about how to do this.  Check out the recipe for the gorgeous photos. I have more Sourdough Info on my recipe page.

I began to experiment. I used her technique and tried cast iron. Too done on the outside. I tried baking as I'd done with Uncle Bills - wasn't totally happy. I moved on to my Electric Griddle. PERFECT. I turn the heat to between 200 - 250 and do 7 - 9 min per side..... but I also have begun adjusting the SIZE of the muffins to ensure the middle isn't doughy.

After weeks of playing with cutting them with lids, or free forming them..........

And enjoying odd shaped, lopsided muffins.....

I decided to try a new technique....I would cook them in wide mouth lids......weighting them down as Uncle Bill instructed (See Uncle Bill's Whole Wheat Muffins).
YIKES they're blowing the pan off

Remember to grease the bottom of the pans if you are going to try this method
 I was so proud of my perfectly uniform muffins. I'd cut them before but when they bake they grow in alarming directions...so I was happy. BUT my family didn't LIKE them flat.... So next....

I baked them in the rings - without the weighted down bricks...they stay a smaller, round shape...but RISE nicely....though they are a bit lopsided since I remove the rings after I cook the first side (Or they bake into the things - what a mess).

Finally - the recipe that Michael says is "perfect". This is what I do....

At night (if I want to bake first thing in the a.m.) or first thing in the a.m. (if I want to bake right after school).....

1/2 C Sourdough Starter
1 C Milk (any liquid will work)
2 C Flour (fresh ground hard white is what I use)
*You can use add ins but my kids like them plain....well they eat them so fast I haven't tried fancy ones.

Let it sit for 8 hours. Dough will be SOFT but the flour will absorb the liquid as it sits and rises. 12 hours will make a kick you in tail sourdough....8 hours is what we like.

Preheat Electric Griddle to 200 - 250.

Sprinkle on dough:
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Sea Salt
2 T Honey

Sort of mix in with wooden spoon.

Oil a board. Dump the mess onto the board and knead until all is well combined.

Divide dough in 1/2.
Divide each piece in 1/2 - now you have 4 about the same size.
Divide each of those 4 pieces in 1/2 and you have 8.

You can form these on your own - pat out about finger width...but I now plop wide mouth lids on the griddle. Spray the insides of them. Pat each piece of dough into a round shape and plop in the ring. (I don't bother waiting for them to rise as they get all out of shape - and I don't have time).  Cook for 7 -9 min - depends on your heat.  Use some tongs (took me three times to figure THAT out OUCH)...flip.

Most of the rings will slide right off. Remove them. Cook another 7 min.

Cool on wire rack. Then score around the middle with a fork and split them open. I put them in bread bags when they're cool and split.

I usually make a double batch - 16 a day. We eat them for breakfast. I like to grill mine (soaked in balsamic vinegar) with some turkey and Swiss cheese....crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.... I have broiled them with garlic and cheese....

After doing this for a few weeks it becomes second nature. I used to get up and start the computer and a load of wash. Now I get up, feed the starter, start the dough, turn on the computer and start a load of laundry...then I grab the Bible and retreat!

The beauty of this recipe is it's flexible. Figure out what YOUR family likes. You can use any flour, any liquid (water, milk, coconut milk, soy milk, buttermilk) and you can add all sorts of add ins - I plan to try cinnamon and raisin when I get ahead of the demand around here....but use a variety of seeds.....

Add ins I've tried:

  •  double batch: 1 tsp cinnamon during first step, in second step add a  handful of craisens or raisens, increase honey to 1/3 C
  • double batch: add 1 tsp with flour, increase honey to 1/3 C
  • Add some chocolate chips (kids ASKED) when you add honey etc
  • double batch: add 1 tsp of  Italian herbs and handful of dried onions with flour
  • Throw in a couple of T of flax or poppy seed with flour

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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