Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Status Updates 28 Mar 2012

  • Josiah (23) has been called back in for a THIRD interview to be a personal banker
  • Ps 32:6-10...good stuff! He is our hiding place, and creates a jewelers setting in which to place us, we can choose to be led through intimacy which flows from dwelling in the secret place with Him or we can be like a horse or mule, with no understanding led by a bit and bridle. Where are you hanging out?* 
  • I Sam 3:7 - Samuel was before the Lord, serving the Lord, knew the ways of the Lord but before this encounter did not exponentially and intimately know the Lord. I want to know Him intimately - yada. 
  • Drove Jared to work, drove home (45 min total). Discovered I forgot to mail the scholarship application, drove to base and back again (45 min total). 
  • The younger ones are studying Hittites, Philistines - interesting and fun to integrate their history text with Bible. 
  • Rain today - no snow. Maybe spring is here? 
  • Maybe it is time unleash the Mama Bear tomorrow. We shall see. 
  • Less drainage for Michael's gut drain today. The color has also changed from red to yellow - this is good! 
  • Need to write a blog post for PWOC I. 
  • Read 5 chapters from "Amon's Adventure," our first time through this one. 
* indicates a blog post at Choosing Joy on the bullet point. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Anonymous said...

Sis: Must say you are one busy lady. PTL HE is with you! PTL the color of Mike's drainage is changing to a good color.

PTL for Josiah's interviews. We just keep praying for him.

PTL and praying Jared gets some good results back on scholarships.

Praying for Mama Bear cus know what you mean exactly. Right words at the right time. love you!

Sounds like Mike/you are going to need a nice few vacation days when he is up and at it. :):):) Really!

Just know that even tho we are not there our hearts and and prayers definitely. love/prayers - dad/mom t.