Thursday, April 12, 2012

Japanese Pinata

Thursday nights are usually Japanese tutoring with Akikosan. We've not done this for a month. Tonight Akikosan surprised us! I was glad she came. We've all been missing her and I meant to call and ask her to come. She didn't bring any lessons, just this.....

Yum....a round cake from Shiroi Mori.  The best part of all was simply sitting and chatting for a couple of hours. We showed her copies of Choosing Joy 2006 and had some fun conversations stemming from the photos and memories.

One of the best was about "picnic" games in the states...bobbing for apples, egg race, sunflower seed spitting contest, watermelon eating contest.  We asked if they play games like these at picnics or hanamai (flower viewing in parks)....but no. She thought about it and said in the summer they'll buy a watermelon, take it to the beach, blindfold each other, and try to hit the melon with a stick. When it breaks open they eat it. I told her this was a Japanese pinata. ::snort::  No photos - but I foresee trying this in the next few months.

Akikosan has been having some health problems and as she prepared to leave, Michael asked if we could pray for we did.  I'm glad she stopped by. We'll start lessons next week again.

Choosing Joy!
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