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Creamy Crock Pot/Pressure Cooker Chicken N Rice (Heavenly Homemakers)

I've been meaning to post this recipe. I didn't use enough salt (as I used broth but it still needed more) - and I suspect I'll dump more spices in the future, but it was a meal eaten by all. 
We ate it all before I got a good photo...I'll try to remember next time. 

2 C uncooked brown rice
sea salt
3 C water or chicken broth

1 C heavy cream (I used 1/2 n 1/2 and it was fine)
1 - 2 lbs boneless, skinless Chicken breast (I cut 4 breasts in 1/2 - 4 oz servings)
2 Tbsp Onion Soup mix

Place rice in crock-pot and sprinkle generously with salt. Pour broth and cream over the rice. (Note someone in the comments said to start with 4 1/2 C of broth as theirs cooked dry. Mine didn't - but a bit more liquid may have been nice?).  Cut chicken into serving sized portions and place on top of rice and broth. Sprinkle onion soup mix over the top.

Cook on low 4 - 5 hours;  Serves 6 -8.

Instant Pot directions: 
Follow directions above.
Cook on manual for 22 min.

Stats from Sparks people (figuring with CREAM and 4 oz servings of chicken).

Note I first found this on Heavenly Homemakers....check her out for recipes for "real food!" I've found zillions of favorite recipes from her. I do have to watch the fat content now, - real butter, whole cream  - good stuff but not what I'd call "healthy" or "low fat," which is what a human sans gall bladder needs.  ::snort::   

Why have I gone to posting recipes from other sites when before I'd only post links? 1. Blogs and websites do disappear from time to time, 2. I want all our favorites on the blog for our many military moves  - makes TLF easier, 3. I print our blog and links won't print - so if I'm to save the recipe for family posterity, I need to post it. LOL 

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