Monday, April 02, 2012


Michael is determined to be at work on Friday (though the day will be broken up with labs, post op appointment and Good Friday service).  Since this is his goal, I began to enlist his help around here more, get him up and active.....we walked around the block today...and I nabbed him to help with school.  I've found staying home to care for Michael has been a BOON for school. This is only Tuesday and we've gotten 4 weeks of Tapestry of Grace done AND we have more time for the fun things too....for instance....

Have you ever tried to jump like a macropod (big foot) marsupial? We have.  First I had Michael show the kids how far 30 ft was from their starting a kangaroo can jump that far in one hop. 

Then I challenged the two to hop as far as they could....
Yes, we DO school in PJ's and shorts

Michael was exempt from hopping - he was our official hop measurer (I'm aware this is not a REAL word).  We discovered none of us can hop anywhere close to 30 feet at one hop. 

We also discovered Michael is bored - but he tires easily - I figure that means he needs to rest. 

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

Wow, the docs have already cleared him to return to work?