Wednesday, April 04, 2012

School DAZE!

There have been a lot of things which haven't been very fun in the past 3 weeks....but one blessing is that we're ZOOMING in school. I had planned ahead to travel for 10 days ...and ended up not traveling. That put us ahead a week. In fact, most of our schedule has been cancelled for the past couple of weeks and so we've been HOME....not exploring, not serving, the weather's been fickle...and we've made lots of progress in school! In fact we may actually finish by the end of May this year...maybe the middle of May.  THAT is a God-thing as He KNEW I was bugged how school went on and on in never-ending cycles around here due to my travel-ministry schedule.

New school supplies matter! I bought a PENCIL sharpener.....and PEARL erasers....and STICKERS...and these two were happy to get right to work....

Love that concentration

I've been looking for some computer drill programs for phonics, math etc. BUT yesterday, I gave up and just bought a bunch of flashcards at the BX. I hate having them strewn around....and pieces get lost....but I have great hope this time will be different. I thought about laminating them all - but why? Other than I have a fetish about laminate. 

Currently, they're in a basket...but I'm thinking of the best way to store them. Any ideas? I've thought about hole punching them and putting them on a bit notebook ring....the kids can take them off and then put them is the time to tell me all the wonderful ways to store flash cards that you've found on pinterest. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

Since the box tends to fall apart, I store the cards in ziplocks

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I KNOW - I hate the boxes falling apart. I've done ziplock before but they lose them...which is probably more a user error than anything. ::grin::